Jerry Felix’s journey from patenting his idea for an AI chipset, inspired by observing waves in Little Sarasota Bay, to founding Brain-CA Technologies reflects a remarkable entrepreneurial endeavor. With a background in software engineering and a stint at Hewlett-Packard, Felix’s vision culminated in securing a nearly 300-page patent and raising $2.2 million in seed funding. Brain-CA Technologies, with Felix at the helm, has swiftly entered Nvidia’s Inception Program, highlighting its potential in the AI startup landscape.

Teaming up with Steven Brunker, whom Felix met during their time at Hewlett-Packard in Cincinnati, Brain-CA Technologies now boasts seven remote-first employees scattered across the country. The company’s focus extends to engaging with machine learning academics as it progresses with research and development, aiming to leverage a simulator to test algorithms before advancing to manufacturing. Brunker emphasizes the vision of translating software designs into tangible hardware implementations in silicon, underscoring the company’s commitment to revolutionizing AI technology for greater efficiency.

Source: The Business Journals