Brain-CA, established by Jerry Felix and Steve Brunker in Cincinnati, has garnered significant attention for its innovative approach to artificial intelligence. The startup, with $2.2 million in seed funding, has secured patents for a microprocessor and cellular automata-based AI system. Their technology, mimicking the human brain’s structure, processes information autonomously through a hexagonal grid of cells, enabling efficient prediction capabilities without a central processing unit. This novel architecture aims to address the energy consumption and complexity issues plaguing existing AI systems.

With patents approved and funding secured, Brain-CA is poised for rapid growth. They plan to expand their engineering team to translate software concepts into tangible hardware, aiming to prove the functionality of their program through simulations. Seeking further support, the company has applied for grants and participated in startup competitions, with future collaborations planned in the machine learning and AI sectors. Additionally, Brain-CA envisions manufacturing its own chips while also considering licensing opportunities to extend the reach of their technology beyond their own operations.

Source: The Business Journals