Brain-CA Technologies approached intelligence as systems engineers instead of neuroscientists, designing an electronic learning system that mimics the brain’s learning capabilities.   The patented Brain-CA architecture is based on Cellular Automata.  This simplified architecture casts off the old guard technologies, eliminating many of their inherent  restrictions.  Our projections show that this new architecture provides significant improvement in energy consumption, while performing AI/ML tasks equivalently or better than existing systems. Brain-CA Technologies™ has secured initial investment funding from external investors and is assembling a team of experts to further develop and commercialize their exciting AI technology.

Current development efforts are focused on building a software prototype to prove the patented algorithms.   The next phase will build a hardware chipset. Brain-CA’s vision is to replace the current, relatively slower technology used for AI applications with its hardware and software-implemented algorithms. These algorithms are designed to learn at a speed that is at least 1K times faster, thereby enabling a wider range of AI applications through enhanced portability.

Brain-CA Technologies, Inc. was formed as a C corporation in Delaware in November 2023 and operates virtually with no real-estate holdings. The company was founded by two veteran IT professionals that met in the early 1980s at Hewlett-Packard, gaining experience in business and technology best practices from the market-leading innovator.

Meet the Team.

Steven Brunker

Richard Park

Steve Brunker, Chief Executive Officer

Steve had an 18-year tenure at
Hewlett-Packard, pivotal roles as chief information officer at major corporations, and a solid foundation in computer science and AI, Steve is uniquely qualified to lead as CEO. His comprehensive expertise in technology integration, strategic transitions, and corporate leadership ensures the successful market introduction and growth of Brain-CA’s innovative AI
processor technology.

Jennifer Venis

Jerry Felix, Chief Architect

Jerry worked as a Systems Engineer at Hewlett-Packard for sixteen years where he consulted with major corporations, often on matters of security. He is widely recognized as co-authoring the first documentation of a hacking technique now known as Phishing. Next, he co-founded a start-up software business, Electronic Commerce Link, Inc.,
and ran the company for 25 years until a successful exit through acquisition.