It’s time to RETHINK Artificial Intelligence from the ground up.

Our innovations address the core of A.I. systems, replacing the foundation for higher performance, lower cost, and greater portability.


Our innovations eliminate the bottleneck between traditional CPU and Memory.

Get results faster and a lot more efficiently.

Brain-shaped ripple patterns.


Just as your brain learns from being continuously bombarded by data streams from your senses, our system is able to find relationships in multiple data streams. Our system has features to ferret out even the most complex digital relationships.


Brain-CA utilizes a proprietary, cleverly designed element, which integrates randomness into traditional memory to create an atomic component of its learning system.  Implemented using a branch of mathematics called Cellular Automata, a full learning system emerges.

Ripple pattern on water, with hexagons in foreground.

The Brain-CA Learning Process.

  • Utilizes ripples to facilitate data comparisons.

  • Recognizes patterns in information.

  • Builds connections where correlations are spotted.

  • Leverages connections to make predictions.

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